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see you later, innovator

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I don't use this journal anymore. My new journal is lelionvert.

the strange, and twisted and deranged
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One of the deities of the nanowrimo project-world, Garm. He's the God of Magic and his animal thing is a raven/crow. His weapon is a large wand thing... his symbol or w/e is the infinite loop thing.

There are more of them... deities I mean

ten of them, approximately... orz

I hate that little game you had called Cryin' LightningCollapse )

finally I have something I can ravish with markers 8')

see maybe, the laugh's on me
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Goddamn listening to N.E.R.D is like... just... an emotional brick hitting me in the face. But sometimes you need that.

I decided to give sketching without the option of erasing would be a good way to make my drawings suck less. So this is all in pen. Maybe it doesn't look like it worked, but it definitely helped me a lot.

I wonder what else lies in you, or did the lies just eat it gone?Collapse )


don't you think you are a little extreme?
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Some stuff for NaNoWriMo project, and a sketch of László. As well as the lameass summary of what I'm tentatively doing (basically a rewrite of the story with Ambra in it). This is stuff from the past few week or so at any rate.


There is something in the fog that turns their blood black, taking the townspeople out one by one. Convinced of a plague, Dr. Marco Orfeo returns from his exile in Italy to deal with the matter. But the secret to the fog goes much deeper than the town; and the only one who seems to know anything is Ambra Remy, a recluse of a chemist who would rather watch the town burn than help.

His only clue is a patient whose symptoms improve as the fog gets worse, a patient he unknowingly shares a past with. A past the town is desperately trying to hide; a past which forced Marco to leave eight years ago. But soon the patient is his only friend and Ambra is his only means of buying medicine; and the secrets of the town begin to unravel whether Marco wants them or not.

=( It'll probably change once I start plotting it more seriously though. I already had to mess with the setting a lot...

Three behind the cutCollapse )

Ambra and Marco are yet another blonde/brunette pair, because I apparently have some thing for that type of pair. Now I want to draw them together more.


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